Texas A&M QB Trevor Knight And ‘Duck Dynasty’ Hottie Sadie Robertson Sadly Have Broken Up


Texas A&M quarterback Trevor Knight is living a life no senior in college should be allowed to be living.

Back in 2015 when he was still at Oklahoma he had none other than Katy Perry thirsting over him on ESPN’s College GameDay. Something that he amazingly failed to follow-through on other than this tweet (as far as we know)…

That being said, Knight seems to have recovered quite nicely as he had been dating 19-year-old hottie and one of the stars of Duck Dynasty, 19-year-old Sadie Robertson over the summer.

“We’ve been dating for three weeks, so it’s super chill,” Robertson said, sitting down in ET’s Burbank, California, studio on Monday. But the duo has been friendly for a few months now, popping up fairly frequently in each other’s Instagram feeds.

“He had messaged me because he goes to Haiti every year on a mission trip and he saw that I go to Haiti,” she explained. “We just kinda connected through that, very much friends at first.”

“Trevor lives in Texas and he was messaging me, and I was like, ‘Uh, do you want to go to a Justin Bieber concert with me? Because I don’t have anybody to go with.’ And he was like, ‘Sure.’ So, he came and I guess we just hit it off,” Sadie recalled. But not well enough, apparently, to make it official.

“We didn’t date then. Actually, I didn’t talk to him for a month after that. I was like, ‘No,'” the 19-year-old admitted. “Then a month later he called me and was like, ‘So, why didn’t you just talk to me for a month?’ And we ended up becoming friends and, of course, started dating three weeks ago.”

Lucky bastard.

Unfortunately, it appears that the relationship literally just ended. They’re still friends, so that’s cool, but damn, sucks for him. I wonder how he will ever recover?



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