Triple H Took A Hilarious Jab At Deontay Wilder While Reflecting On The Costume He Wore At ‘WrestleMania 30’

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Most boxers use the time it takes to walk from the locker room and into the ring to pull a “My New Haircut” and get in the fuckin’ zone, and while each person has their own unique routine, it seems like the most common method of preparation is staring intently at the ground as your entourage shows off any hardware you might have while your pump-up song of choice blasts through the speakers.

However, prior to their infinitely hyped rematch a month ago, both Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder opted to kick things up a notch by donning some absurd costumes, with the former getting carried in on a golden throne and the latter opting to throw on a 40-pound outfit for his procession.

Fury used some of the energy he saved by having other people do his legwork for him to walk away with a victory via TKO in the seventh round and Wilder would ultimately place some of the blame on his heavy attire of choice (even though he’d previously bragged about routinely training while wearing a 45-pound weight vest).

It didn’t take long for Wilder to exercise his rematch clause, and while the final fight in the trilogy is slated to take place at some point this summer, there’s no telling if that will actually materialize based on the current state of things.

After the world of sports came to a virtual standstill, ESPN was forced to improvise a bit, and last week, the network announced its plans to begin airing old WrestleMania shows and kicked things off on Sunday with the 30th installment of the WWE’s premier event.

WrestleMania 30 kicked off with a match between Triple H and Daniel Bryan for the right to fight in the show’s main event, and during the rebroadcast, Hunter took the chance to lob a shot in Wilder’s direction while commenting on his own costume on choice.

Stop! Stop! He’s already dead!

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