Triple H Makes Kid Cry In Front Row At ‘Raw’ — Totally Makes It Up To Him Off Camera

Triple H Raw


For the majority of Triple H’s wrestling career, he’s played the heel. He’s had memorable runs as a fan favorite, but for the most part, the high points of his career came as a villain.

I have to believe, in all his years in the business, Triple H has made more than a few kids cry. Shit, he makes me cry every week, and I’m a grown ass man. Well, it’s really Raw that makes me cry because it’s been continuously below average.

Last night on Raw, during the main event of kid crack John Cena against everyone on the roster, Triple H made a comment to a cheering Cena fan sitting behind him in the front row. The kid immediately started balling his face off. Triple H, the father of three girls, felt awful and consoled the little tyke. Then he made the kid’s night. He let John Cena win. Kidding, Cena was going to win all along because this is the WWE!’

Here’s the story from SEScoops:

According to several fans who were ringside at RAW, Triple H broke character during the show to console a fan who was crying during the main event. Triple H is said to have apologized, rubbed his head and spoke to him for a minute. He was given some complimentary WWE merchandise and was taken backstage with his father after the show.

A few fans on Twitter posted pictures of the “altercation.”



Now can someone please console Kane, he’s lost every match he’s been in since 2013.

[H/T: SeScoops]