Troy Aikman Gets Beer World Fired Up Talking About Authenticity Mattering When It Comes To Beer

Troy Aikman former NFL quarterback

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Society has somehow entered a new era where the beer you order, or don’t order, signals something about your political leanings. This is an unfortunate turn for an industry that should be judged solely by the quality of its beer.

Dallas Cowboys legend Troy Aikman launched his own beer brand, Eight Elite Light Lager, and on Wednesday, Troy made a statement about how authenticity (and taste) matters when it comes to beer.

The video has the beer world up all fired up after Troy Aikman shared it on social media:

In the video, Aikman says “everyone’s talking about beer companies these days. But nobody’s talking about beer.” He added “I started Eight with the goal of creating a company dedicated to making really great light beer. No agenda, no distractions. Just great f—— beer.”

His point is valid. I cannot tell you the last time I heard someone randomly raving about the flavor or quality of a beer unless it was at a craft brewery and the beer in question was a limited release.

Troy’s tweet, if it didn’t load, had the caption:

“AUTHENTICITY MATTERS. Lately there’s been a lot of talk about beer companies and not nearly enough conversation about what really matters – the beer itself. Some brands are taking shortcuts to gain consumers. We’re committed to producing a first-class product. No hidden agenda. No distractions. Come join Team EIGHT”

Troy Aikman‘s beer messages seem to have resonated with the beer world, at least based on the replies. His followers responded:

“Bravo Troy!”

“Holy cow, you are the man, Troy. I love your takes, your perspective, and your authenticity.”

“Send me a sample and I’ll tell you if it’s great. I drink beer. I’m in the blue collar world. I’m your target audience. I’ll let you know.”

“One helluva beer! It’s my absolute favorite Elite Light Lager!”

“Troy- had some No. 8 for the first time from the bar at the Hilton DFW Lakes in Grapevine while in town for a trip. Really impressed, good stuff!!”

Some believe this was a shot at Bud Light.

Currently, Eight Elite Light Lager is only available for purchase in the state of Texas. They have a ‘finder’ on their website to locate it if you’re in the Lone Star State.

It remains to be seen when Troy Aikman’s beer will be available outside of Texas. But that is certainly within their growth plan for the near future.

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