Tua Tagovailoa Isn’t Letting His Injury Get Him Down Based On Videos Taken Before He Headed Into Surgery

Tua Tagovailoa pre surgery hospitals video

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Tua Tagovailoa came into this year as perhaps the most highly-touted prospect in college football, and the reported object of desire for the Miami Dolphins (at least until they proved they aren’t even competent enough to tank correctly).

While Alabama hasn’t been as dominant of a force as it has been in recent memory this year, Tagovailoa has still managed to lead them to a pretty impressive season by most standards, but on Saturday, things came to a screeching halt when he was carted off the field after taking a hit during a drive he probably shouldn’t have even been out for based on the game situation.

While there were initially reports Tagovailoa suffered a dislocated hip on the play, it soon became evident that things were a bit more serious than they appeared and we’d eventually learn the hip in question was actually fractured, an injury that will unsurprisingly keep him sidelined for the season and likely bring his college career to an unceremonious close unless he feels like putting his body on the line without getting paid to play for another year.

A number of people noted the quarterback’s injury is very similar to the one that brought Bo Jackson’s career to an early end but there’s little doubt Tagovailoa is going to do what he can to persevere, although he’s going to have plenty of work to do if he wants to get back to where he was before the setback.

The first major hurdle is the surgery he’ll have to undergo to fix the fracture, which was slated to take place in Houston on Monday morning.

Thankfully, it looked like Tagovailoa was in very good spirits ahead of it based on the videos that were taken before he went into the operating room.

Here’s to hoping he makes a speedy recovery.

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