‘Hard Knocks’ Will Feature Two Teams For The Very First Time As Long As Training Camp Is Still A Thing This Year

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I’ve always maintained that the most miserable day on the calendar is the Monday after the Super Bowl, and while there have been countless calls and petitions to get the powers that be to just make that fateful date a national holiday already, Americans are still expected to go about their lives while nursing a hangover, dealing with some nasty indigestion, and coming to terms with the fact they’re going to have to wait until September rolls around before meaningful football returns to their lives.

Are there some people who are able to get their fix a bit earlier when training camp rolls around every summer? I guess. However, I personally don’t find tracking position battles and watching guys run drills the most riveting form of entertainment in the world and have always grappled with the ethics of whether or not watching preseason games counts as an implicit endorsement of the NFL’s bullheaded insistence to promote the meaningless injury-fests.

Thankfully, we do get Hard Knocks out of it, and there aren’t many better ways to ease back into things than devoting an hour a week to catching up on the drama and shenanigans provided by whatever embattled team was burdened with the shame of having virtually every moment of camp documented by HBO.

With that said, as someone who spent more hours watching “The Ocho” on ESPN2 than I care to admit, I’m at a point where I will devour basically any and every form of athletic competition being offered. As of right now, the status of the upcoming NFL season is up in the air, but if training camp does get underway in a somewhat timely manner, I’m ready to get way too into analyzing offensive line depth charts just so sports can make me feel alive again.

Thankfully, it appears HBO is also planning to provide us with a double dose of its aforementioned series, as Adam Schefter reports the network is planning on setting up shop in Los Angeles to follow the Rams and the Chargers.

It’s currently unclear if the new season will feature an increase in the number and/or length of the show’s episodes but the biggest logistical hurdle is obviously getting the world to a point where the league is able to justify holding training camp.

Fingers crossed.

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