Tyreek Hill And Micah Parsons Get Into Seemingly Random Argument On Twitter

Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill

Getty Image / Cliff Hawkins

The NFL’s schedule was just released yesterday and it looks like there could already be some bad blood brewing around one of the matchups that was announced.

Seemingly out of nowhere, a bit of a random issue developed between Tyreek Hill and Micah Parsons.

It all started with Hill quote tweeting a post by Parsons shouting out Andrew Whitworth for working with him this week.

Parsons responded to the tweet by reminding Hill that the Cowboys and Dolphins will meet later this year and Tua Tagovailoa will be the one who pays for anything Hill says.

Hill responded by telling Parsons he dresses like Method Man.

Then the Dolphins receiver threw in that he was still upset he lost a race to Parsons.

After those couple of posts, Micah Parsons brought the hammer down.

After that all Tyreek Hill had to say was “you win bro”.

The Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys don’t meet until Christmas Eve, which gives these two men plenty of time to keep talking trash leading up to the game.

Unfortunately, it also means fans will have to wait a while before they get to see these two go face to face on the field.