Tyreek Hill Went Undercover As A Grandpa And Raced A Woman Who Fell Right On Her Face

Tyreek Hill

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  • Tyreek Hill can dust almost anyone in a race.
  • He went undercover as an old man in Miami and absolutely dusted a poor woman who never stood a chance.
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Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill claims to be one of the fastest people on the planet. As someone who ran a 4.29 40-yard-dash at his Pro Day in 2016 and consistently shows his athleticism both on and off of the field, he isn’t lying.

Look at him running track in high school:

The point is that Hill, also known by ‘Cheetah,’ has earned his nickname with freakish speed. Earlier this month he decided to go undercover as an older man to surprise unsuspecting passersby with his quickness.

He worked with a makeup artist to perfect the look and dressed in the spot-on old man outfit, cane and all.

Everything about his look was entirely believable and he brought it all together with a hilarious old man voice. Even if you know who he is, you wouldn’t have recognized him on the street.


Mission complete video coming soon😈

♬ original sound – Cheetah Bo Hill

After getting all done up in his finest gray beard, Hill took to the streets of Miami with influencer and TikToker Donald De La Haye (@deestroying) to challenge people to a race.

It’s unclear how many people took De La Haye up on the offer to “race his grandpa for $1,000, but at least one poor victim got dusted. A very, very confident woman challenged the undercover Hill.

She made it a solid 20 yards before falling flat on her face.


My grandpa raced this girl for $1000 , did she win tho πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @tyreekhill

♬ original sound – Deestroying

Hill was dogging it the entire race, waiting to pounce. He didn’t have to because she completely ate the concrete.

The race made for tremendous content and undercover athletes should be a thing more often.