UCF Football Is Still Really Bad, So Uber Is Doing Something Cool Till They Actually Win A Damn Game

Unless you went to Central Florida or have some vesting interesting the school, there’s probably a good chance you have no idea that the Knights are horrendous at playing football. Like, no joke, they’re 0-8 so far this season, just got blasted 59-10 by the Houston Cougars this past weekend and their head coach, George O’Leary, decided to call it quits because the team seems hopeless.

After I wrote a month or so ago about a bar in Florida that was offering fans free beer during Knights games until they actually won a game this year, car-sharing service Uber is following suit, going with a similar promotion during the season until the team earns a victory.

The company announced that they will hook up riders with free first rides—presumably within a certain radius of UCF’s campus:


With free beer and free rides happening all over the place, Knights fans may find themselves actually hoping the team continues to struggle, because they’re getting it hooked up with all the losses piling on.

[H/T Bleacher Report]