UCF Is Holding A Parade And Raising A Banner To Celebrate Their ‘National Championship’

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Next Monday, the Alabama Crimson Tide will take on the Georgia Bulldogs to determined who will be crowned this season’s national champions, but if you were to ask the University of Central Florida’s football team, they’ll tell you that the real winner has already been determined. The Knights finished the season with a 13-0 record after defeating Auburn by a score of 34-27 in the Peach Bowl on Monday, and it didn’t take long for them to start arguing they were worthy of the title.

From an objective standpoint, it would be fairly hard to argue the team deserved a spot in the College Football Playoff. The AAC isn’t exactly the most competitive conference in college football, and while they finished the season with three straight victories against ranked teams, they also had the benefit of a schedule filled with weak opponents.

However, that hasn’t stopped UCF Athletic Director Danny White from doing everything he can to troll the rest of the NCAA. He dubbed the Knights national champions almost immediately after the end of their bowl game, and it appears he’s doing everything he can to follow in the footsteps of teams who have finished the season with the number one ranking.

On Tuesday, he made an appearance on ESPN Radio and announced he was planning to hold a parade to commemorate the Knights’ undefeated season. He also announced UCF will be hosting a National Championship banner in the rafters of Spectrum Stadium.


White also made the argument that there have been a number of seasons in the past where more than one team took home the title:

“By our research, there’s been 36 different years where there have been multiple champions crowned in college football. There’s been years where there were three or four champions crowned. … There’s going to be a CFP champion, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not a national champion.”

While there’s virtually no chance UCF gets the recognition they feel they deserve, I still respect the hustle.

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