UFC Star Hannah Goldy Causes A Stir With Latest Bathing Suit Photo On Instagram

Hannah Goldy

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UFC Star Hannah Goldy is enjoying her summer before her next fight.

Goldy last fought in the UFC last July in a losing effort against Molly McCann but has since competed in several grappling competitions this year against some of the top Jiu-Jitsu competitors in the world to get more comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

“My New Year’s resolution this year was to compete more. To get more comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

Every grappling competition I’ve done since the new year i’ve had people be like “oh this must feel like nothing to you since you’ve fought in the UFC”. And being honest that couldn’t be further from the truth. I only had 5 amateur fights, and i only had 5 pro fights before i signed with the UFC. I’ve had to learn how to be a complete martial artist against the toughest girls in the world, and that s*** is uncomfortable. I am always confident in my skills in the gym but my mind has been my biggest competitor on stage.”

Goldy is currently taking a break from training and is on vacation in Tulum.

During her Tulum vacation, Goldy is causing a stir with her latest bathing suit pics on Instagram.

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