Very Unfortunate NBA All-Star Game T-Shirt Design Goes Viral

Very Unfortunate NBA All-Star Game T-Shirt Design Goes Viral

iStockphoto / TuelekZa

The NBA All-Star Game kicks off in Salt Lake City, Utah soon and a very unfortunate t-shirt design is going viral ahead of the event. It appears to be a fanmade t-shirt that has included shorthand for Salt Lake City, Utah to just ‘SL, UT’ and NBA fans immediately ran with jokes after seeing it.

I say this is probably a fanmade t-shirt because it’s hard to imagine the NBA would approve this design without someone catching the glaring mistake at some point. And honestly, it’s not even 100% clear that this is a t-shirt.

UPDATE: A rep has confirmed this is a fan-made shirt

A representative from the NBA has clarified that it is 100% a fanmade t-shirt and not the official logo. You can find the official NBA All-Star Game logo right here.

I’m just assuming it’s a tee because you can see folds of the fabric in the top right of the picture. But this could also be a hoodie, backpack, shorts, etc. Either way, the design is getting roasted as it quickly goes viral:

The jokes write themselves with obviously offensive design. Nevertheless, people started coming up with quick replies almost immediately:

A lot of people are assuming this was unintentional. I happen to think this was an intentional design and one that a certain type of fan is going to spend a lot of money on.

I forgot about how incredible these Charlotte jerseys are…

This person is onto something:

Raymond Holt from Brooklyn Nine-Nine knows the drill:

This Northern Territories design from Australia is legendary:

What do you all think, was this design intentional? I scrolled through the NBA store’s All-Star section and sorted by t-shirts. It’s not there. So this has to be fan-made and intentional, right?