Someone Simulated All 256 NFL Regular Season Games And Here Are Your New Super Bowl Champions!

That “someone” who took the time to simulate all 256 NFL regular season games is USA Today. It’s quite the exercise to spend time on, really. Knowing full well that there is no possible way to account for trades, injuries, arrests (so many arrests, probably) they still went ahead and simulated not only the entire regular season, but the playoffs as well. You can head over to USA Today to see how your favorite team finished in the regular season, but according to the USA Today simulation this is what the playoffs will look like.

AFC playoffs
Wild card: (3) Broncos def. (6) Dolphins; (4) Ravens def. (5) Bills

Divisional: (2) Patriots def. (3) Broncos; (1) Colts def. (4) Ravens

AFC Championship Game: (1) Colts def. (2) Patriots

NFC playoffs
Wild card: (6) Rams def. (3) Panthers, (5) Vikings def. (4) Eagles

Divisional: (1) Packers def. (6) Rams; (2) Seahawks def. (5) Vikings

NFC Championship Game: (1) Packers def. (2) Seahawks

Super Bowl 50: Packers def. Colts

Not only would that Super Bowl matchup be a made-for-rating shootout, but it would allow the world to see how disgusting Andrew Luck would look after three more weeks of growth on his already vile playoff beard. And I think that’s something we can all get behind.

Dude looks like he just found out he has to go back to being Amish after his Rumspringa.