Electric 109-Yd Touchdown Has Football Fans Talking (Video)

A football sits on the field.


A 109-yard touchdown is going viral on social media. The impressive return, which came during a recent USFL game, has football fans talking online.

Derrick Dillon, a member of the 2019 national championship winning LSU team, was on the return, which looked eerily similar to another notable score from the SEC.

Dillon, now a member of the Memphis Showboats, absolutely stole the show on Saturday. The wide receiver accounted for 219 all-purpose yards, hauling in a team-high three receptions for 61 yards.

His most impressive play, however, came on special teams.

With the final seconds winding down in the first half, the Pittsburgh Maulers sent Chris Blewit out to attempt a 59-yard field goal. That kick would end up falling well short of its intended destination, giving Dillon a chance at a big play.

He wouldn’t disappoint.

The receiver tight roped in the back of the endzone, making sure to stay inbounds as he caught the field goal attempt. He then turned up-field, returning the kick to the house.

Take a look.

The impressive touchdown had USFL fans talking.

One person wrote, “His vision, speed and breakaway ability were on full display on that incredible play.”

Another commented, “That was awesomeness!!”

Someone else said, “ABSOLUTELY INSANE!”

This fan was reminded of another famous field goal return from a game between Alabama and Auburn, jokingly writing, “Alabama is probably getting PTSD watching this.”

This score put the Showboats up 19-0 at the halftime break. Memphis would go on to win the game 22-0 to improve to 3-3. There are still four weeks remaining in the USFL season, but this touchdown might already rank as the top play of the year.