Is This A Video Of Conor McGregor Partying With Girls Who Aren’t His Girlfriend?

Even though Conor McGregor lost to Nate Diaz at UFC 196, the man still knows how to get down. This video, allegedly taken in Vegas, was recently uploaded to Reddit. It features the Irish MMA fighter hanging out with a couple of girls, who seem very surprised when they learn that he has a girlfriend. Yes, ladies, he does and her name is Dee Devlin…

I suppose he neglected to tell you that until now? Classic.


There are also wo images on Reddit of the UFC star chillin’ with two ladies who are not Dee Devlin. Under said image, someone on 4chan alleges (key word, there’s no proof) that he was railing cocaine. Here’s a transcript of that tiny text via Dude Comedy:

“So I was at this house party a while back, and my buddy who was hosting it asks me if I wanna smoke some weed. I’m like, “sure, why the fuck not”. We go upstairs in a room at the back of the house, and as he opens the door, none else but Conor McFuckingGregor is in the middle of snorting a big fat line of coke off a table. 

This wasn’t the first time I had met him in person, the first time was at a house in Las Vegas, a few days after he fought Mendes, and that time he was doing coke, fucking hookers and getting wasted as well. 

2 other lads and some [redacted] were in the room as well, there was loads of weed there too. 

Later I asked Conor if he wasn’t afraid he’d get caught and he replied something like “I am untouchable in the UFC, no one can touch me. I am the king” He was completely wasted and looked like death.

Conor goes apeshit when you take pictured of him in that state, but I did manage to sneak a few pics from the house party. Conor partied for like 2 days straight without sleep, coke must have kept him going.”

No word if this was taken before or after his loss at UFC 196, even though that account suggests it was after. Then again, it’s the Internet and people make shit up all the time…

Let’s see how this plays out, eh?

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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