This Video Of ‘The Mountain’ From ‘GOT’ Working Out With Bodybuilder Rich Piana Is Nuts

Want to see what a workout by “The Mountain” Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson of Game of Thrones looks like? Well, it looks pretty freaking insane, as one can imagine.

This video which compares the workouts of “The Mountain” and that of bodybuilder Rich Piana shows just how ridiculously strong these two men are, and especially Björnsson.

Tricep pushdowns, tricep extensions, some biceps work, all with crazy amounts of weight.

“The Mountain” did his hammer curls using both arms, while Piana merely alternated. Then they finished up with some preacher curls that I probably couldn’t do with a the help of a forklift.

The best part might be when they’re all done and about to head out to eat what I assume is enough food to feed a village and Piana mentions eating zero carbs. He then asks “The Mountain” if he’s ever done zero carbs. His answer? “No.”

No kidding.

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H/T Unilad