Here Are The Angry Letters Viewers Wrote To The FCC To Complain About Patriots Players Cursing At Super Bowl

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After the Patriots pulled off an improbably comeback to beat the Atlanta Falcons at the Super Bowl, several Patriots players were heard yelling profanities as the Lombardi trophy was making it’s way to the main stage.

SB Nation was able to obtain angry letters from viewers who wrote the FCC to complain about the Pats postgame cursing and they’re pretty hilarious.

Via SB Nation

Ticket: # 1437230 – Fox football is cursing at me

Date: 2/5/2017 11:48:33 PM

City/State/Zip: San Antonio, Texas [zip code redacted]


The African American guy carrying a silver trophy was yelling “motherfucker” at least two times. This is inappropriate for young viewers and Fox has crossed the line as well as the NFL.

Ticket: # 1437288 – Cursing on live TV

Date: 2/6/2017 12:10:37 AM

City/State/Zip: Rosemead, California [zip code redacted]


At the end of the superbowl [sic] a black teammate congratulated tom brady and told him “YOURE THE GREATEST, YOURE THE FUCKING GREATEST, YOURE THE FUCKING GREATEST!”

Ticket: # 1437433 – Vulgarity after Superbowl on OTA Fox channel

Date: 2/6/2017 9:52:45 AM

City/State/Zip: Hazlehurst, Georgia [zip code redacted]


I cannot believe Willie McGinest is so uncouth he cannot find a better word than motherfu##er while carrying the Lombardi trophy past players and fans. This happened after Superbowl 51 on Feb 5 2017. Obviously fox was unaware because it was not bleeped out. He told fans and players to kiss it, kiss this motherfu##er, tongue kiss it. I mean really. And while staring into camera.

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