Vikings’ Kyle Rudolph Gave His Game-Winning TD Gloves To A Media Person For A Charity; They Sold On eBay Three Days Later

Obviously this is a scumbag move, but I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often. You hear about autograph chasers at spring training wearing fake mustaches and disguises to hoard as many autographs as they can. And while I’m sure it must be annoying to players who want to sign for kids, it’s pretty funny to imagine Inspector Gadget doing laps of the Milwaukee Brewers’ roster (did Gadget wear disguises? I don’t think that’s the right guy but you get it.)

But everyone knows that people who cry “charity” go straight to hell. And for $375? Seriously? Seems like a huge risk for very little reward. I don’t know how this guy procured his media credentials, but if you have locker room access to a team that just won a playoff game, you probably know what you’re doing. That’s not an easy room to crack. Do you remember that NFL shop commercial a few years ago where a guy dove into the dirty laundry bin of an NFL locker because he loved gear so much? That’s this guy. Double-fisting memorabilia and stuffing his shorts with nameplates, jock straps, and knee braces to sell for a small markup on eBay.

Kyle Rudolph is a good guy, too. Unfortunately, I suspect he’ll have his guard up now when people ask him for gear for charity. Somebody find this rogue! Might be time to enlist the powers of Baudi Moovin and John Green from Don’t Fuck With Cats.