Viral ‘Tulane Girl’ From The Cotton Bowl Posts Flirty TikTok For Her Many New Followers

Nail biting tulane fan


The viral “Peach Bowl Girl”, Catherine Gurd, isn’t the only one capitalizing on her newfound internet fame. So is the nail-biting “Tulane Girl” who went viral on Monday during the Cotton Bowl.

“Guess who’s about to be insta-famous. ESPN camera crew at the Cotton Bowl introduces the whole world to #TulaneGirl,” one viewer watching the game wrote on Twitter.

They weren’t wrong. She even ended up getting a mention in the New York Post and The Sun.

Later that night, after finding out that she had the internet talking about her, she reacted with a TikTok video with the caption, “that game was a real nail biter.”

Fast forward a couple of days and the “Tulane Girl” (real name: Ellie Fazio) was back on TikTok to share a bit more with her many new followers.

“Easy find #tulanegirl #cottonbowl,” Fazio captioned this latest video.

@f.a.z.123 Easy find #tulanegirl #cottonbowl ♬ original sound – hard ahh audios fr🤞

“Those eyes are mesmerizing!!” one fan commented on her video.

“You’re absolutely gorgeous and love those eyes” wrote another.

“A star is born,” another fan commented.

“Hi, I don’t stand a chance and live 6 hours from Tulane but, dinner Friday night?” begged another.

Ellie Fazio has also seen her Instagram follower count jump a bit since becoming internet famous thanks to the ESPN cameras.

Normally her TikTok account features makeover and dance videos along with the usual day-to-day stuff.


Thirst trap but I’m not thirsty so it’s just a trap

♬ original sound – b0ul3vard🧛🏻‍♀️


Don’t beat ur hoes part 2

♬ lil.eaarl – From Tha Back – jovynn

Only one more college football game to go. Who will be the next to go viral and become famous for doing nothing more than being really into the game while sitting in the stands? We shall see.

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