Sports Bettor Going Viral For Creating A Parlay Card With Betting Props For A Wedding

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One sports bettor is going viral for creating a parlay card for a wedding. The card comes with hilarious props surrounding your typical wedding day topics.

Will there be a band or a DJ? Who cries first, the bride or the groom? Length of the first dance? What’s the signature cocktail?

The clever card is now making its rounds on social media. Take a look.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen sports betting at a wedding event. I immediately think of the scene from Wedding Crashers where Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn place wagers on which Bible verses will be read at the altar.

Earlier this year, we saw a parlay gifted to a recently married couple as a wedding day present. And of course, it cashed to give the newlyweds a head start on their honeymoon fund.

Now, we have a way for the entire wedding to get involved.

Other bettors on social media were quick to chime in on the idea.

Bettors react to viral wedding parlay

Other sports bettors on Twitter were eager to give their responses to the parlay card idea, saying that they, too, plan on having a similar setup for their big days.

Check out the immediate reaction below.

Have to agree, here. It’s an awesome idea. May need to set some lines for the next wedding I attend.