Von Miller Explains Why He Thinks Lifetime Health Insurance Is A Must In NFL

Von Miller

Getty Image / Bryan Bennett

Health insurance within sports has been a hot topic in recent years. Especially in the NFL considering how many former players suffer from head injuries.

Von Miller was asked about what he thinks the healthcare plan should be within the league.

During a guest appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Miller expressed his opinion on the matter. The Bills’ defensive end certainly wants players to acquire lifetime health insurance.

As Adam “PacMan” Jones refers to, the Los Angeles Dodgers just re-signed Andrew Toles strictly so he could have the healthcare he needs.

But clearly, Von Miller thinks health insurance should be available to every player in the NFL. Perhaps putting a minimum of years played could be a requirement to meet.

But nonetheless, the Bills’ defensive end may not get his wish for a while. According to the NFLPA, the current collective bargaining agreement doesn’t expire until 2030.

Additionally, lifetime health insurance is probably extremely expensive. There might be a reason why it hasn’t become a thing yet in the NFL, or really anywhere in America.

Even so, it’d be nice to see the NFL take care of its retired players. Football is one of, if not, the most dangerous sports to play. Former players deserve better treatment than what they’ve received.

We’ll see if it ever comes to fruition. Von Miller’s take on health insurance could be the first step towards the league and the NFLPA reaching an agreement for lifetime healthcare.