These Capitals Fans Seem Like The Biggest Assholes Ever, Huh?

capitals fan boo

Trash talking is a part of hockey. Everyone knows that, and anyone who has been to a hockey game has probably emulated what happens on the ice while chiding another rival fan at some point and time. That’s all well and good.

What isn’t, however, is invoking homophobic slurs like this one Capitals fan did during the intermission before OT of last night’s Stanley Cup Playoffs game against the Penguins.

Deadspin spoke with the guy from Puck Buddys who captured the video:

I was just surprised at the length and duration of their vulgar behavior. No one around them appeared to take them to task or call them out. It went out for minutes before I rolled.

Trash talk all you want, dude. But not like that. If you were in the NHL (ha! like that could ever happen), you’d be sitting out the next game of the series. Just ask the Blackhawks’ Andrew Shaw.

[H/T Deadspin]