The Washington Redskins Posted A #BlackoutTuesday Tweet … The ‘Redskins’ … Did That

Washington Redskins Criticized For Posting A BlackoutTuesday Tweet

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The Washington Redskins franchise tried to show its support by posted a #BlackoutTuesday tweet, reinforcing their status as the true laughingstock of the NFL.

Perhaps the NFL should have copied FIFA when they told their leagues to apply “common sense” when making statements regarding the death of George Floyd.

Because a team nicknamed the Redskins coming out publicly against racism and minorities being mistreated is the height of irony.

Even New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez noticed what bad form the Washington football franchise showed in posting the #BlackoutTuesday tweet.

Amazingly, the tweet is still up, because what else are they going to do, so it is still getting slammed, and probably will until the day the team finally changes its name to something less offensive and racist. At least the responses to the tweet reflect that notion.

Hey, guys, give them a break. Washington Redskins “great” Joe Theismann spoke with “a lot of” Native Americans a couple of years ago and he says “they seem to be okay with the name the Redskins.”

As I pointed out back then, even if Joe spoke to 10 thousand Native Americans (which he didn’t), he still has the other 99.8% of the Native American population unaccounted for in this discussion. But yeah, they’re all cool with the name.