The Washington Redskins’ Twitter Machine Appears To Be Broken And Fans Have Many Questions, Jokes

The Washington Redskins Tweeted Out A Blank Tweet Fans Had Questions

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Just when we thought the Washington Redskins franchise couldn’t possibly become more of a laughingstock, they go and do something that frankly, I wasn’t even aware you could do.

On Wednesday, the Washington Redskins’ official Twitter account posted a tweet that was completely blank.

As if FedEx Field, the home of the Redskins, becoming a pandemic testing site back in March didn’t spawn enough jokes at the team’s expense, this certainly opened up and knocked over a 55 gallon drum worth of comedy.

I don’t know why, but just seeing that hurts my brain. It’s like something doesn’t compute in my head. I want there to be something there, but there isn’t. Did the Redskins write an invisible tweet? Is this some sort of subliminal message my conscious mind can’t understand?

Maybe the Redskins didn’t screw up and accidentally send out a blank tweet. Maybe they are playing chess on social media while the rest of us are just playing checkers.

I mean, other than Alex Smith’s tremendous recovery from having his leg snapped in half, the last time we shared anything even remotely positive about the franchise was … hang on, still looking … okay, I give up. I went back to 2016 and still found nothing positive. So this strange blank tweet is good, right?!


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