FedEx Field, The Home Of The Redskins, Becoming A Pandemic Testing Site Spawns An Abundance Of A+ Jokes

Redskins FedEx Field Becoming A Pandemic Testing Site Spawns Jokes

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The Washington Redskins franchise has for many years now become the butt of numerous jokes for how poorly managed the organization has been ever since terrible human being Daniel Snyder took over ownership.

The team has become such a laughingstock that fans have stopped watching them play, both on TV as well as in person.

The fans that do actually go to games are embarrassed by what they’ve seen, and not just by the play on the field. What other franchise would misspell one of their legends’ name when inducting him into their Ring of Honor?

On Saturday, it was announced that the National Guard is in the process of turning FedEx Field – the home of the Redskins – into a pandemic testing center (which is a good thing, by the way) as part of a “larger effort to establish clinics where initial health screenings will be conducted and eventually where onsite testing will take place once that option becomes fully available,” reports the Fox D.C. affiliate.

With the revealing of this news, beleaguered Redskins fans, well-versed in the recent history of the now sad sack franchise, simply couldn’t help themselves and made a multitude of hilarious jokes involving Snyder, attendance, the team’s medical staff, social distancing, and more.