Manny Pacquiao Praises Son Manny Jr. For Winning First U.S. Amateur Boxing Match, Watch The Fight Here

Manny Pacquiao Praises Son Manny Jr. For Winning First U.S. Amateur Boxing Match, Watch The Fight Here

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  • Manny Pacquiao congratulated his son, Emmanual Pacquiao Jr., for winning his first amateur boxing match
  • Manny Jr. has trained with one of his father’s old coaches, as well as Canelo Alvarez
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Manny Pacquiao’s son, Emmanuel “Jimuel” Pacquiao Jr. (21), recently won his first amatuer boxing win in the U.S. at the Hous of Boxing in San Diego.

He fought Andres Rosales in the junior welterweight class at 140lbs—the same weight range his father fought at for several major fights.

Here’s a brief two-minute clip of the fight. The entire 9-minute fight is down below if you keep scrolling.

Although the actual final scoring wasn’t announced, Manny Jr. won the fight by unanimous decision. He’s already searching for a second fight.

Manny Jr. had previously been doing stints in modeling and appearing as a social media influencer before going into boxing.

Does Manny Pacquaio Train His Son?

While Manny Pacquaio doesn’t officially train Manny Pacquaio Jr., he’s likely given him pointers along the way.

Manny Jr. actually trains with Wild Card Boxing in Los Angeles. According to an IG post by Wild Card, it appears one of Manny Jr.’s trainers is the gym’s owner Marvin Somodio.

Somodio is widely respected in the world of boxing. He used to train Manny for many years, but Somodio’s also worked with the likes of Miguel Cotton, Brian Villoria, Ruslan Provodnikov, and many other big fighters.

Canelo Alvarez Working with Manny Pacquaio Jr.

Manny Jr. has also been seen working with Canelo Alvarez.

Here are some videos of Pacquiao Jr. training with Canelo last fall.

Manny Pacquiao Shows Support After Manny Jr.’s Fight


Manny Pacquaio posted on IG to congratulate his son on his first amateur U.S. victory.

Pacquaio’s first professional fight was at the age of 16, so Manny Jr. (21) isn’t quite as young as his father when deciding to pursue boxing.

Pacquaio’s stance on his son pursuing boxing hasn’t always been the same though. In a 2019 interview, he mentioned they don’t even have any boxing equipment in the house for his kids to train.

Manny Pacquiaio:  “I told him (Manny Jr.) I only took up boxing because we were poor. It was a way for me to support my family. It pains me to see him box because I know how hard it is. I told him, ‘Daddy only went into boxing because of poverty. You don’t need to box.'”

Since then, however, Pacquaio has recognized his son has a passion for the sport and now seems fully on board.

Manny officially hung up the gloves back in September of 2021. His final fight did not go very well for him.

Watch Full Manny Pacquiao Jr. Fight

The entire fight from Pacquaio Jr. was posted to YouTube. It lasts about nine minutes.

While there aren’t any huge knockouts or highlights from the fight, Manny Jr. does show off his technique.

Stay tuned for how Manny Jr.’s second fight results.