Why Watching Live Sports On ESPN+ Is Not A Fad

We don’t truly appreciate the digital world we live in today, especially when it comes to watching live sports.

Think about it, a decade ago we were all stuck watching whatever sporting event the cable giants decided to air that week. Watching your favorite team while out of market was almost impossible, and certainly not cheap.

Life for a sports fan has literally never been better or easier. If you want to watch a certain game, you can. Literally, all you need is a streaming device. Well, that’s not exactly true, you’ll need an ESPN+ subscription as well, but if you call yourself a legitimate sports fan then you should already have ESPN+.

ESPN+ is the home of all things sports, because when you think about it, there isn’t another streaming service out there that delivers both live broadcasts and exclusive content from the sports world. And when we say the sports world, we mean the sports world – ESPN+ doesn’t just deliver games and exclusive content surrounding the four biggest sports in the United States, it also taps into international events, Grand Slam tennis, the UFC, and a whole lot more.

There is an added bonus with ESPN+ as well, the live sports experience doesn’t actually end at the final whistle, the streaming giant takes things a step further with exclusive content about the live event you just finished watching.

Streaming live sports on ESPN+ is a necessity these days, and that’s a beautiful thing.

How ESPN+ Goes Beyond Live Sports

Sports broadcasting is changing, and it’s changing fast. Just look at what ESPN is testing out during Monday Night Football with an alternate feed featuring Eli and Peyton Manning. Through two weeks of the NFL season, it’s safe to say that the Manning experiment has absolutely crushed it, and we’re going to see more new-age content like that in the coming years.

That broadcasting alchemy is where live sports broadcasts are going.

The exclusive content on ESPN+ doesn’t just stop when the game is over. Remember, ESPN+ isn’t you buying a pay-per-view sporting event when as soon as it’s over you turn off the TV and ask yourself ‘why did I just spend money to watch that?’ The content truly never stops with ESPN+.


ESPN+ is also home to an entire section of exclusive shows that break down and discuss the biggest sporting events in the world.

You want to hear and learn more about that UFC PPV you just got done watching?

Former MMA fighter Chael Sonnen is there for you on ESPN+ with his show alongside Jorge Sedano to break the fights down.

You want to learn more about Daniil Medvedev after he won the U.S. Open over Novak Djokavic?

Andy Roddick is there for you to break down his game on the courts with his exclusive Detail series.

They didn’t forget about all of the die-hard fantasy football players out there either: The Fantasy Show also calls ESPN+ home.

We’ve already established that streaming is no longer the future – instead, it’s the new normal. You could argue that publishing exclusive content surrounding a live sporting event with analysis from some of the biggest names in their respective sports is the future, but ESPN+ is already here doing that and doing it extremely well.

ESPN+ is already ahead of the curve in that regard with its exclusive content featuring former athletes and respected personalities in the business giving viewers information that can’t be found anywhere else. We live in a world where if you’re sitting still, especially in the sports and entertainment industry, then you’re losing. ESPN+ isn’t sitting still, it’s sprinting.

Where else can you watch exclusive sporting events then turn right back around and get more analysis from some of the biggest and brightest in the sports world? The answer is nowhere, and the beauty of it is that that exclusive content just comes attached with your regular ESPN+ subscription.

ESPN Is Shifting Its Focus To Streaming

Live TV nowadays looks vastly different than it did even five years ago due to cord-cutting and various streaming services dominating the space. It’s no secret that streaming has become the new normal and the same can be said about streaming live sports. ESPN recognizes this, hence the network’s move into the streaming space to broadcast live sporting events.

Thanks to ESPN+, you’ll be a part of the new normal when it comes to watching your favorite teams and sports, and the beauty of it is that it’s all in one convenient place.

Thankfully, gone are the days of having to subscribe to dozens of pricey sports packages just to watch certain games and teams. ESPN+ checks all of the boxes for you to watch your team, live, on multiple devices, wherever you may be, and that’s impossible to beat if you’re a die-hard sports fan.


What Live Sports Can You Watch On ESPN+?

The question here isn’t what live sports do you get with ESPN+, the question is honestly what live sports don’t you get with ESPN+. It’s not possible for a sports fan out there to not find a live sporting event they’re interested in with an ESPN+ subscription.

  • UFC and Boxing: ESPN+ is the exclusive home of UFC PPV’s in the United States making it a must-have for any fight fans out there. Top Rank Boxing also calls ESPN+ home.
  • College Football: Over 500 college football games from all conferences around the country will be streamed exclusively on ESPN+ during the 2021 season.
  • College Basketball: More than 1,000 college basketball games, both men and women, will air live throughout the season.
  • Other College Sports: Soccer, volleyball, swimming, wrestling, and other college sporting events.
  • NHL: Catch over 60 live hockey games with your ESPN+ subscription.
  • MLB: Live MLB games air nearly every day, but are subject to blackout.
  • Soccer: Over 300 MLS games will be streamed live, plus ESPN+ is also the exclusive home for the Bundesliga. La Liga matches will stream live as well, you can also catch all the action from the English Football League and various domestic and league cup matches from around the globe.
  • Tennis: Live Grand Slam tennis matches stream exclusively on ESPN+.
  • Golf: Live action from PGA Tour events as well as the Masters and PGA Championship.
  • International Sports: Both Cricket and Rugby are streamed live on ESPN+.

That’s a lot of live sports, but ESPN+ isn’t finished there when it comes to exclusive content.

Is it worth adding another subscription to your life with ESPN+?

You can’t honestly look yourself in the mirror and call yourself a sports fan if you don’t have an ESPN+ account, that’s just a fact. Not only will the days of you searching for original sports-related video content go to die, but you can also watch practically any live sporting event your heart desires.

You’re no longer a prisoner to whatever live sporting events your cable provider decided to broadcast that day, you get to watch what sporting event you want to watch and not have to think twice about it.

If you want to watch a cricket match being played in the middle of the night, you can do that. Want to watch your alma mater play a volleyball match? Odds are it’s being streamed on ESPN+. You also of course have access to all of the great action from the UFC, the soccer world, and other leagues around the globe.

Plus, where else can you watch exclusive sporting events then turn right back around and get more analysis from some of the biggest and brightest in the sports world

What does ESPN+ cost?

ESPN+ costs $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year and can be canceled at any time. So, for the price of about two cups of coffee per month, you can have access to all of that great sports content and live events. Is ESPN+ worth that? You bet.

It’s worth remembering that ESPN+ is not a TV channel, instead, you can access all of the exclusive content via the ESPN app via your computer, tablet, smartphone, streaming device, or smart TV.



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