The Week 10 NFL Picks Will Deliver Like Last Night’s Vikings/Redskins Game

Locks of the Week: 

Seattle -5 over ATLANTA 
The Falcons are shot. That's been pretty obvious over the last two weeks. I highly doubt Seattle comes out flat after what happened against the Bucs last week. Plus there's a sniff of revenge in this game after Seattle's comeback in Atlanta came up short last year. 

Reggie’s Pick: Seattle 

‎Carolina +7 over SAN FRANCISCO 
The Panthers are the best team that no one is really talking about. Their defense has been excellent and their offense isn't too shabby itself. Besides, the 49ers have been frauds in the last six weeks. They beat who exactly since the Colts embarrassed them? St. Louis, Houston, Arizona, Tennessee, and Jacksonville aren't exactly a murderer's row. Cam Newton’s game has matured and it looks like he’s ready to take that next step.

Reggie’s Pick: San Francisco 

‎Dallas +7.5 over NEW ORLEANS
The Cowboys can compete with the Saints if the game gets into a shootout. They proved that against Denver earlier in the season. Dallas always performs so much better in the underdog role than when there are high expectations. 

Reggie’s Pick: New Orleans 

‎Trap Game of the Week: 

GREEN BAY PK over Philadelphia 
Seneca Wallace won’t look as bad as he did last week after a taking a week of full reps in practice. Still you need to wonder how the Packers let themselves get to the situation where their backup has very little ability to replicate the passing offense their team is used to. The positive is the Eagles should offer very little defensive resistance and the return of Clay Matthews. I’m pretty sure Nick Foles won’t look as good this weekend. 

Reggie’s Pick: Philadelphia 

‎Rest of the Picks: 

CHICAGO PK over Detroit 
The first game between these teams was quite the disaster for Jay Cutler. His old ways cane back to life with three turnovers and a fumble. He conveniently returns from injury just in time to play in Sunday's affair. It's not like the Lions are actually good at turning other teams over. They only have nine other takeaways in the other seven games this season. Revenge is best served cold, like Cutler's groin will be when he's icing it after the game. The Bears’ fans love Cutler because he’s as intense as them.

‎Reggie’s Pick: Detroit 

‎TENNESSEE -13 over Jacksonville 
There won't be a spread big enough for me to side with the Jaguars in any remaining games this season. Here’s an idea for the Jags. They should just make Ryan Lochte the team’s head coach. Then they’re guaranteed to not win any games with the way the guy operates.

Reggie’s Pick: Jacksonville 

‎BALTIMORE +1 over Cincinnati 
The beauty of the overpaid Joe Flacco experience is that he's a much better peformer in home games. (That's why he always bring girls back to his place. He loves the full length mirrors on his walls.) Ray Rice may look shot, but remember Cincinnati's defense isn't nearly as scary without Geno Atkins in black and orange. Just ask the Dolphins, who took the Bengals run defense to the woodshed last week.

Reggie’s Pick: Baltimore 

‎PITTSBURGH -3 over Buffalo 
It's quite possible that I overestimated Pittsburgh's resurgence. Still you need to think their defense will show up with a purpose after Tom Brady and the boys lit them up last week. You also should expect E.J. Manuel to look a little rusty after his injury absence and he won't be anywhere near as mobile without fully healing. 

Reggie’s Pick: Pittsburgh 

‎INDIANAPOLIS -9.5 over St. Louis 
The Colts haven't won many games by a wide margin, but that's because they've beaten good teams like Seattle, San Francisco, and Denver. The Rams aren't exact close to that talented.

Reggie’s Pick: St. Louis 

‎Oakland +7.5 over N.Y. GIANTS 
The Giants got lucky with two sorry opponents right before their bye week. It's possible that Oakland is lining up to be just as bad, but I don't think the injury to Darren McFadden is that big of a deal. The Giants always struggle with mobile quarterbacks and guess what? That Terrelle Pryor guy is pretty mobile.

Reggie’s Pick: N.Y. Giants 

‎SAN DIEGO +7.5 over Denver 
The Chargers don't necessarily know how to win close games, but they'll certainly keep them close. Three of their four losses have all been in situations where they let the game get away in the last five minutes. Phil Rivers can shootout with the best of em, so I'll take the points especially cause it includes the half a point on top of the touchdown. Let us not forget the last time we saw Peyton Manning it looked like something was wrong with his arm.

Reggie’s Pick: Denver 

‎Houston +2.5 over ARIZONA 
I kinda like Case Keenum. If Randy Bulluck didn't completely suck, Houston would've gotten things done last week. Arizona's offensive weakness is their offensive line, so I expect Carson Palmer and J.J. Watt to be best friends at the end of the game.

‎Reggie’s Pick: Arizona 

Miami -3.5 over TAMPA BA‎Y 
The Bucs are pretty terrible and last week's effort in Seattle was a total fluke. Plus you have to expect the Dolphins to be united as a team after this Incognito/Martin situation. Besides, are you surprised Incognito’s Dolphins’ teammates stood up for him after incidents like this?
Reggie’s Pick: Miami 

‎This Week: 1-0 
Last Week: 4-9 
Season: 60-73-2 
Survivor: 8-1 
Locks: 13-15 
Reggie’s Picks: 62-71-1