Former MLB All-Star Tells Hilarious Story Of Successfully Bribing Umpire Angel Hernandez

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Being an Major League Baseball umpire isn’t easy.

Most fans would admit that.

But there is an expected level of competence that come with calling the game at such a high level. And sometimes, umpires don’t always live up to that expected level.

Sometimes umps just have a bad day. But then there’s a select few, a special few, who seem to just routinely amaze fans with their incompetence.

Sadly, longtime MLB umpire Angel Hernandez falls under that second category.

Hernandez hasn’t just been bad at his job. He’s been comically bad. And considering he made his MLB debut in 1991 and was still behind the plate 30 years later, it doesn’t appear he’ll ever face any real consequences for his incompetence.

Thankfully, it seems Hernandez may well have quietly retired early in the 2022 season.

But could it be that Hernandez wasn’t incompetent? What if, instead, the answer was something far more insidious?

A recent story from six-time MLB all-star and San Francisco Giants superstar Will Clark reveals that that may well be the case.

“So Angel’s behind the dish,” Clark begins his story on the No Filter Network. “You know, he calls some b******* call. And, you know, I’m always never gonna show up an umpire. And I go ‘Angel, is that as far as he can go out there?’ He goes ‘yeah.’ And the next pitch is about six more inches off the plate and he f****** rings me up.

“I turned around to him. I go ‘Angel, you just told me that that was as far as he could go out there.’ And he goes ‘well, that ball moved on me there, Will.’ And I go ‘okay, all right.’ So I didn’t say anything I f****** took the strikeout and went back to the bench.

“Later that evening night, I saw fricking Angel Hernandez…I watched him, and he had like two or three beers. And so I got the waitress over and I went ‘hey, I want to pay for those guys beers over there.’ She said ‘hey look, that guy over there wants to pay for your beers.’ And Angel looked right at me. So I got up and I walked over there and I said ‘hey man, I’ll see you at the ball park tomorrow.’ He goes ‘You’re not gonna say anything else to me?’ I say ‘No, I said I’ll see you at the ball park tomorrow, have a good one.’

“The rest of my career, every time I had Angel Hernandez behind home plate, my strike zone was f****** that big (makes a small hole with his hands) right there. All because of $20 worth of beer.”

Now, Clark’s recollection may be different than Hernandez’s. But it’s still a concerning story. It would explain a lot, though.