Will Levis’ Quote From UK’s Pro Day Goes Viral After Awkward NFL Draft Night

kentucky QB Will Levis

Getty Image / Kevin Sabitus

University of Kentucky quarterback Will Levis lived his nightmare on Thursday during Round 1 of the NFL Draft.

The reason we know that it was Will Levis’ nightmare is because he said as much recently, during the University of Kentucky’s Pro Day on March 24th. That quote has gone viral after Levis went undrafted in the first round.

Will Levis falling out of the 1st Round of the NFL Draft was arguably the most shocking thing to happen on night 1 of the Draft. ESPN says their analytics model gave Levis a 92% chance of being drafted inside the Top 10.

The night before Kentucky’s Pro Day, Will Levis was asked by reporters if he would attend the 2023 NFL Draft. He said he hadn’t been ‘officially invited’ but then Will Levis dropped a draft quote that is now haunting him after the quote resurfaced. Levis said:

“If I know I’ll be a pretty high pick I’ll definitely go. I’m looking forward to going, but I don’t want to go if I could be like a second-round pick. Don’t want to have the camera just on you all day.”

It’s almost as if he was staring right into his future when Will Levis dropped that Draft quote. The cameras were on him all day and night.

Levis staring at his phone became a meme. Everything he said he didn’t want to happen, it happened.

As expected, Will Levis will not attend Night 2 of the NFL Draft after he slipped and that Draft quote went viral:

It is not immediately clear why Levis fell out of the 1st Round but ESPN veteran insider Chris Mortensen believes it was because of an injured toe.