William Contreras Has The Same Walk Up Music As Edwin Diaz And Mets Fans Are So Upset About It

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Mets fans were not happy to hear a rival hitter round the bases to the tune “Narco” after a recent home run, and they let it be known on social media.

In a recent matchup against the Braves, Atlanta designated hitter William Contreras smacked a homer deep to center field, which prompted the team to play the same song they play after every William Contreras homer.

It happens to be the same trumpet blaring walk out song that New York closer Edwin Diaz uses when entering a game in the ninth inning. After hearing the music being blasted across the loudspeakers at Truist Park following Contreras’s dinger, Mets fans believed they were being trolled by a division rival.

They were wrong.

Contrary to their belief, the Mets don’t own the song and Edwin Diaz isn’t the only player that uses it. Apparently, New York fans and media had no idea that William Contreras uses “Narco,” and they took it personally over the weekend.

Mets get mad that William Contreras plays “Narco” after home runs

Mets fans got so upset after hearing William Contreras walk up to the dish to “Narco,” believing that the Braves were taking a shot. Announcers even had a few comments to say on air.

“William Contreras, and if you recognize the music, yes, William Contreras uses “Narco” as his walk-up music, which hardly seems right. Contreras DHing today, which was his role in the All-Star Game this year, somehow…”

Just as the “somehow” leaves the announcers lips, Contreras belts a shot to the deepest part of the park.

Again, the broadcast crew seems to think that Diaz is the only person allowed to use the music, saying that it “hardly seems right” that Contreras would even think of walking to the plate to the same tune.

Fans must believe the same judging by their reactions.

Fans react to Contreras walk-up music

This guy has a point. It wasn’t a big deal until Mets fans made the song go viral on social media.

Braves fans quickly trolled their rivals.

Not a great look for Mets’ fans.

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