Wisconsin Bar Offering Deal Of A Lifetime When Aaron Rodgers Loses This Season

Jets QB Aaron Rodgers

Getty Image / Mike Stobe

A bar in Wisconsin is offering a deal of a lifetime as they will be paying your tab every time Aaron Rodgers loses while playing for the New York Jets.

Of course, there are some rules and stipulations on how it all works out, but still. This is a great promotional deal.

According to USA Today, Jack’s American Pub, a Milwaukee based bar, claims that every time Aaron Rodgers starts the game and loses, they will pay whatever your tab is.

Now look, a business isn’t going to risk losing out on bar tabs on NFL Sundays for all 18 weeks. That would be insane.

So, the fine print makes the rules clear. In order for Jack’s American Pub to pay your tab, you’ll need to hit all of these stipulations, per USA Today.

“The covered tabs must be opened at least 15 minutes before kickoff and don’t include food. The offer only applies if Rodgers is starting and the Jets’ showdown doesn’t coincide with a Packers game — something that’s scheduled to happen only four times this season. You also have to be present the entire game to cash in that ticket.”

So, there will only be four games this season that are eligible for this promotional deal, however, it’s still something Wisconsinites should capitalize on.

People from all over Wisconsin may flock to Jack’s American Pub to take advantage with the hope Aaron Rodgers loses. This could spell trouble for the owner considering the state had seven cities listed in the top 10 drunkest cities in America.

Luckily for Jack’s American Pub, they won’t pay for any food you order during the game. So, at the very least it won’t be a complete loss if Rodgers and the Jets lose any of those four games.

No matter how you look at it, this might be the best promotional deal in the country. It’s too bad I don’t live in Wisconsin.