Wizards Teammates Clown Kyle Kuzma For Trying to Showboat Like Steph Curry

Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma

Getty Image / Patrick Smith

The Washington Wizards were able to fend off the Detroit Pistons on Tuesday night, taking home the win 119-117.

However, Kyle Kuzma found himself as the butt end of the joke early in the fourth quarter.

After shooting a wide-open three-pointer, the veteran forward turned to the bench to face his teammates. Something we’ve seen Stephen Curry do a hundred times.

However, Kuzma’s shot clunked off the rim which led to the Wizards bench clowning him. Here’s the shot in question.

At least the Wizards are out there having fun, right? It’s always funny to see lowlights like that. Especially when the player thinks their shot is going in.

NBA fans couldn’t help but laugh at the situation too.

Kuzma had a real chance to grab his own rebound but didn’t.

I think the Wizards would agree.

Good call, coach.

At least the Wizards had a good laugh though.

More people should be using this word.

Hey, at the very least, the Wizards walked out of the game with a win. Even if Kyle Kuzma made a fool of himself late in the contest.