A Fan Caught A Foul Ball In Her Beer And Chugged It Like A Champ

woman catches foul ball chugs beer

Petco Park

There isn’t a sport out there that has more unwritten rules than baseball, where running too slowly after a home run can result in someone throwing a hard object at you at 90 MPH out of principle. However, it isn’t just players who are expected to adhere to an unspoken code of conduct.

If you’re a fan at a baseball game, there are some things you just shouldn’t do, like wear an opposing team’s jersey in the cheap seats or bring a baseball glove with you through the gates unless you’re accompanied by a child (like Chuck E. Cheese’s without all of the horrifying animatronic animals).

However, as far as I’m concerned, there isn’t a single unwritten rule that’s better than the one that comes with achieving one of the rarest feats out there: catching a foul ball in a cup of beer. A number of people have managed to do this over the years and society has decided there’s only one appropriate way to react to having a dirt-covered ball land in your beverage: chugging the entire thing.

A fan at a San Diego Padres recently game managed to unlock this life achievement I’m glad to report she fulfilled her civic duty.

Shoutout to her for leaving someone hanging so she could finish her beer like a champ. I’m not sure how she measures up to the guy who found Jason Day’s ball in his cup after a shot ricocheted off of a tree but this was surely a valiant effort.

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