WATCH: Gigantic Brawl In Women’s Basketball Game Results In Double-Forfeit



You can throw out the records when Southern and Texas Southern get together in women’s basketball. You can also throw out all decorum and sportsmanship.

You can, however, throw punches.

The latest game between these two erupted in an enormous brawl halfway through the second half.

Even the cheerleaders and fans got involved.

Yep, that’s a great brawl.

Shockingly, the game was abandoned and called a double forfeit. Probably a smart idea. No reason to keep playing after the climax.

Tt’s been a banner year for women’s hoops brawls.

You have to respect the sport for finding proper angles to put the asses in the seats. Really putting the men’s game to shame in the violence department.

[H/T: The Advocate]