Pending World Record Tiger Shark Caught Today, 1,379-Pounds Of Absolute Terror

A pending world record Tiger Shark was caught earlier today and already the potentially record breaking achievement is shrouded in secrecy. The location where the 1,379-pound Tiger Shark is being kept secret, at the moment, but as you can see below this gargantuan tiger shark was landed today, January 26th, 2016, and it was caught using a 15kg line class.

This MASSIVE tiger shark tipped the scales at 625.5kg, which translates to 1,378.99 pounds…so basically 1,379 pounds. This pending world record tiger shark measured in at a whopping 13.5 feet in length, and what we know so far is this fish wasn’t caught in the state of Florida (my hunch is Australia, and I’d be willing to bet GOOD MONEY that I’m right about this).

So far the only outlet to report on this (that I’ve seen) pending world record tiger shark of 1,379-pounds is the Facebook page Dark Side Sharkers, a FB page dedicated to shark fishing. The current world record for a tiger shark on 15kg line class is 1,364.66-pounds (619kg), a record that has stood for twenty years.

The IGFA ‘all tackle world record’ for Tiger Shark sits 1,758-pounds, a record set back in March, 2004 in Ulladulla, Australia…Again, Australia. I’ll chug a Smirnoff Ice if I’m wrong about this pending IGFA World Record Tiger Shark being caught in Australia, I’m almost certain of it.

As more details continue to emerge of this record-breaking catch I’ll be sure to update this post with them!