Some Of The Very Best — And A Few Of The Absolute Worst — Wrestling Tattoos We’ve Ever Seen

Tattoos are a lifetime commitment. Unless a bro has the bread to get ink removed from his carcass, he’s pretty much stuck with a tattoo until the final dirt nap.

For the most part, devoting body space to an awesome design, saying, symbol, team logo is a safe proposition. Unless something crazy happens you’re always going to love the design, the saying, the symbol or the team. There are, however, some tattoos that become risky and not because of anything you’ve done but more because, oh let’s say, the focus of the tat gets recorded after sex being an absolute racist.

Putting a wrestler’s image on your body is an absolute crapshoot. It could also come out looking like absolute crap. That’s the beauty behind the Instagram account Wrestling Tattoos. The account highlights some of the most amazing tattoo work I’ve ever seen. It’s also home to some of the worst wrestling tattoos ever.

Here are some of my favorites and then more than a few that are absolutely awful.

The Best Of The Best

The Worst Of The Worst


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