Wrigley Field Adds Porta-Potties So Cubs Fans Won’t Have To Piss In Cups Anymore


Wrigley Field has the reputation as being one of the largest bars on earth.  People go there for the atmosphere and not for the baseball.  It’s old school.  You pee in a trough and if you’re not careful, crossing of streams can happen.

In an attempt to make the ballpark more modern, the stadium is undergoing major renovations.  The big story on Sunday night should have been the Cubs unveiling their partially finished renovations. Or the debut of their ace, Jon Lester. Or their new skipper, Joe Maddon.  Instead it was all about the bathrooms or the lack of bathroom accessibility for their fans.

Clearly the Cubs have more restrooms planned and they are supposedly going to be an upgrade over the old ones that were not appealing to the guys who like the privacy that a urinal provides and otherwise cannot perform in front of a judging crowd.

In the meantime the Cubs brought in 74 porta-potties to help relieve some of the lines and hopefully eliminate the cups of pee finding their way to a corner like a dog marking its territory. With over 35,000 people in attendance will 74 porta-pottie be enough to suffice. Hopefully the Wrigley Field operations crew is making it a priority to get the bathrooms done sooner than later because the last thing this franchise needs a is a brown eye to stain what could be a glorious season.

[H/T: Fox32]