WWE Superstar Darren Young Says He Once Sharted While Wrestling And Of Course There’s Video Of The Match

darren young sharted in ring

Getty Image

What’s about the worst thing you can think of that could happen to a wrestler, other than injury, while performing in a match on TV? If you said sharting, you’re a winner!

Sadly for him, that’s exactly what happened to WWE Superstar Darren Young once during a tag team match against the Wyatt Family.

“In the match one of the Wyatt boys slammed me SO hard that I sharted my pants,” Young tells TMZ when asked for his most embarrassing moment in wrestling. “I was so embarrassed. I never wore those tights again.”

I would hope not.

Naturally, this being very important information, TMZ went looking and believes that they found the match in question.

The good news for him is that at least it happened on Main Event and not Raw or Smackdown so probably only about a tenth of the people were actually watching the show. At what point during the match he did his sharting, however, is unclear so see if you can figure it out.

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