Yale Basketball Ironically Wore Shirts With A Glaring Typo After Winning The Ivy League Tournament

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The Ivy League is the smartest of the smart. To go to school at Penn, Yale, Brown, Harvard, Columbia, Dartmouth, Princeton or Cornell, you must have a pretty stacked resume as a high schooler.

That includes, of course, the ability to read. It also includes the ability to proofread, which is what made the end of Sunday’s Ivy League Men’s Basketball Tournament so ironic.

After entering the conference tournament as the two-seed, Yale took down top-seeded Princeton in a hard-fought, back-and-forth, two-point win. As a result, the Bulldogs will be going dancing.

Well, according to their t-shirts, the Bulldgods will be going dancing. Following the win, Ivy League Champion shirts were distributed to the entire team with a glaring typo right in plain sight. ‘Bulldogs’ was completely misspelled.

There are a few questions to be asked here.

First of all, who approved the design for print with Bulldogs misspelled? And then once they were printed, who decided that they were acceptable?

Would re-printing 25-ish shirts blow the whole budget? Did the person in charge of shirts just say f*** it?

While the typo really isn’t that big of a deal, it seems like such an easy fix to just re-print the shirts. With all of the money that the Ivy League has in its pockets, there surely was a better solution than just giving out misspelled shirts. Especially for a conference that is supposed to be the most intelligent of them all.