Yankees’ Taylor Swift Reference Ages Poorly After Getting Trolled By Orioles

Orioles celebrating win over Yankees

Getty Image / Sarah Stier

The New York Yankees held a 5-1 lead over the Baltimore Orioles through five innings in Wednesday night’s matchup.

During that moment, New York’s social media team shared a celebratory tweet by using a Taylor Swift reference. As it turns out, it aged extremely poorly.

This is the Taylor Swift tweet the Yankees sent as they were heading into the sixth inning. Clearly, the organization was on cloud nine midway through the contest.

However, seemingly out of nowhere, the Orioles went ballistic in the seventh inning, scoring eight runs and retaking the lead. Baltimore ended up winning the game 9-6.

After the game, the Orioles trolled the Yankees in the best possible way, as the social media team used the same Taylor Swift reference.

That might just be the most perfect, petty troll job of all time. The Yankees were looking like they were going to run away with it. But the Orioles’ comeback was just too much for New York to handle.

Even baseball fans couldn’t believe how great of a response this was from Baltimore.

The Taylor swift conspiracy theory holds strong.

All Orioles fans in the last 16 hours.

There’s nothing wrong with being a little bit petty.

Maybe the Yankees should have held off on that Taylor Swift reference.

Don’t blame the Swifties. They’re just trying to have a good time.

We love seeing teams troll other teams. Especially when they are divisional rivals.

Maybe New York can bounce back on Thursday night. Hopefully, the social media team doesn’t jinx the Yankees this time.