Even If You’re Not A Wrestling Fan, You’re Going To Want To Watch This Sick Clip Of A Former WWE Star Getting His Neck Broken

Yoshi Tatsu is lucky to be alive. Another inch and he might be main eventing in the big wrestling ring in the sky.

Tatsu, real name Naofumi Yamamoto, is a former WWE superstar. He suffered a devastating injury at the hands of former TNA star AJ Styles in a move called the Styles Clash. The two men clashed at the New Japan Pro Wrestling Event Power Struggle 2014 back on November 8th.

Watch Yoshi Tatsu almost check out in this GIF from the show.

God damn. It hurt just copy/pasting that into the post. Wrestling News World, the New Japan organization and Yoshi Tatsu himself is confirming he has two broken bones in his neck.

On the heels of the injury to Yoshi Tatsu, indy wrestlers are pleaded with Styles to drop the finisher.

Following the news that Yoshi Tatsu suffered a broken neck at the hands of AJ Styles’ Styles Clash finisher, UK indy wrestler “Lionheart” Adrian McCallum is pleading for AJ Styles to stop using the move.

McCallum argues that while the move itself is not inherently dangerous, several experience athletes have been seriously injured by Styles Clash, including two suffering broken necks.

Click here to read the full plea from McCallum as posted to his Facebook page.

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