Youth Baseball Player Goes Viral After Getting Caught In A Spontaneous ‘Dustnado’ During A Game

A baseball player slides into home plate.


A youth baseball player is going viral this week after being seen caught in a spontaneous “dustnado” during a game. The catcher had to be snatched up by the umpire as the whirlwind of clay circled around him.

A clip of the bizarre scene was posted onto social media over the weekend resulting in a huge response from baseball fans everywhere.

In the video, you see a ring of dust suddenly appear behind the plate. A hitter in the batter’s box quickly scurries away from the phenomenon, but the catcher didn’t heed his warning.

Though he popped up from his squatted stance behind the dish, he ends up getting trapped right in the middle of this dust-up before the umpire eventually grabs the player and escorts him to safety.


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Baseball fans online were quick to react to the “dustnado” as they posted their replies in the comments section.

One person wrote, “Boy almost ended up on the Starship Enterprise.”

Another follower asked, “What beef does Mother Nature have with that catcher?”

Others commended the umpire for removing the catcher from the dust devil, with this fan writing, “Class act Mr. Umpire.”

And, of course, many had to throw in a joke or two about the new MLB rules, with the original post caption reading, “Angel Hernandez would’ve called a pitch clock violation.”

It’s the latest wild scene we’ve seen in youth baseball from this past weekend.

We posted earlier about another type of dust-up between a coach and umpire in a recent tournament.

Props to this ump for getting the player to safety.

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