Amazing High School Wrestler Zach Anglin, Born Without Hands Or Feet, Shines At Wisconsin State Meet

Bayfield wrestler Zach Anglin stole the show at Wisconsin’s state wrestling meet by finishing sixth in his division.


Because the sophomore, who was born without hands and feet, showed incredible heart and perseverance to defy the odds and make it so far in the 106-pound bracket.

Here he is in action in case you feel like ever making excuses again.

The Ashland Daily Press wrote a feature on Anglin, and the kid’s attitude is off-the-charts awesome.

“I love my school, my teammates, my friends,”Anglin [who also plays nose tackle on the school’s football team] said. “I have received such great support from everyone at school and having my teammates with me in Madison helps me be more hungry, keeps me going and its just a really awesome feeling to have that much support.

“It’s been an amazing journey, and I feel really blessed to have coaches that expect a lot from me, who put in a lot of time and they keep bringing the passion. We have such great team support and team spirit. It’s really a blessing.”

Sports: not always awful.

[H/T: USA Today]