Zach Wilson’s $400,000,000 Uncle Is Hilariously Flying 200 People To The Jets Opener And Charging Them $599 Each

Zach Wilson Jets Jet Blue David Neeleman

  • Zach Wilson makes his New York Jets debut against the Carolina Panthers on the same day that BYU plays Utah.
  • His very rich uncle is flying 200 people from Salt Lake City to Charlotte in the strangest way possible.
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Zach Wilson and his family are the gift that keep on giving. Not only is he a talented gunslinger but those around him are a content factory.

Lisa, his mother, is the best follow on Instagram. His brother is slinging it as a sophomore in high school just like the Jets QB. Like Zach in the open field, they’re all so fun to watch.

Speaking of, Wilson’s uncle is flying 200 people to the New York season opener to watch his nephew make his NFL debut. The game takes place on September 12 in Carolina.

While it sounds cool that he is rallying the troops and bringing an away fan section to Wilson’s first game on the highest level, he is charging them each $599. Making it a paid experience is super lame.

The Panthers host the Jets at 1:00 p.m. Sunday, which happens to fall less than 24 hours after Wilson’s alma mater BYU plays Utah in the state’s biggest in-state rivalry— The Holy War.

Wilson’s uncle is making it so fans of either school and his nephew can make it to both games.

Who is Zach Wilson’s uncle?

Lisa Wilson is one of Gary and Rose Neeleman’s seven children. Her siblings are incredibly successful. One is a partner in a law firm, another is a trauma surgeon, and many are entrepreneurs.

David Neeleman stands out amongst the family. He founded or co-founded five airline companies. In addition to Morris Air, WestJet, Azul Brazilian Airlines and Breeze Airways, David founded JetBlue in 1998.

Along the way, Wilson’s uncle also created the electronic ticket and was first to in-flight entertainment. He’s worth a cool $400 million.

Wilson Weekend.

As a local prep high school star and Heisman Trophy candidate for his hometown Cougars, Wilson has a ton of fans in the Salt Lake City area.

In hopes of providing his nephew with some home-field advantage on the road, Neeleman is organizing a trip for 200 fans to take over Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium.

As someone who is worth $400,000,000, it would be really cool if Neeleman was bankrolling the whole thing in support of his family. He’s not.

To be a part of “Wilson Weekend,” fans can buy tickets for $599 to $799. The ticket gets him/her a round-trip seat on the JetBlue charter flight, transportation to and from the airport, and a hotel to “rest 4-5 hours at before check out.”

Tickets to Wilson Weekend do not include tickets to the Jets game. Nor do they include tickets to The Holy War.


Neeleman, a MILLIONAIRE, is selling a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to see Utah play BYU and Wilson make his debut against his team’s former quarterback Sam Darnold………….


By the numbers.

There is very little chance that Neeleman is not making a few thousand dollars in profit here. Let’s do the math:

  • He founded JetBlue so the flight is free.
  • He does not have to buy tickets to any of the game.
  • 200 tickets at $599 (or more) a piece = $119,800.
  • His only true expenses are the hotel shuttles (which are likely free), and whatever it costs for the rooms.
    • Looking briefly online, the average price for a hotel room on Sunday, September 12th in Charlotte, Carolina is about $120
      • Neeleman probably got a group rate, or used his JetBlue status to get them for free.
  • Assuming he paid for each room = 200 rooms at $120 is $24,000.
  • Taking $24,000 for rooms out of a $119,800 budget still leaves $95.8k.
    • At a WORST CASE scenario, he might have made about $30k.

Q&A section (via

There are quite a few questions that Neeleman answers on the site. here are some highlights.

Q: Are there refunds if I can’t make it?
A: Due to the custom nature of this event, there are no refunds. You can have someone buy your spot up to 1 week before the game but that transaction is up to you. Once the deal is completed, please contact us. If the game is cancelled due to COVID, there will be a full refund.

  • “Due to the custom nature of this event, there are no refunds.”
  • “That transaction is up to you”

Q: Does this include a ticket to the Jets/Panthers game?
A: No, you’re responsible for purchasing your own tickets to the game.

  • This is still such a wild thing. Neeleman is selling an experience around the Jets/Panthers game but isn’t including the ticket.
    • The game is Sam Darnold’s first start against his former team, Wilson’s debut and the season opener. Tickets won’t be cheap.

Q: What type of plane will we fly on?
A: The plane will be a new A321 with new interior, individual TVs and complementary snacks and drinks. Only carry-on luggage will be allowed.

  • Don’t worry everyone, complementary snacks and drinks are included!

Q: What is included?
A: A once in a lifetime opportunity.

  • “A once in a lifetime opportunity.” Neeleman is one heck of a salesman.

Itinerary (via

Included on the site is an overly-detailed itinerary. Look for a few standout sections that make this whole thing even funnier—

  • four hour and 20 minute flight for a big group of Mormons.
  • “deplaning will be quick”
  • “Rest up for the big game”
  • They are keeping their belongings in a random conference room
Date Event Details Location
Sept 11th
8:00 pm MST
Utah vs BYU May the best team win LaVell Edwards Stadium
Sept 12th
1:00 am MST
Boarding SLC Airport
Sept 12th
1:30 am MST
Take off 4 hour flight SLC Airport
Sept 12th
7:30 am EST
Landing Keep in mind the 2 hour time change CLT Airport
Sept 12th
7:45 am EST
Loading buses No checked bags, deplaning will be quick CLT Airport
Sept 12th
8:00 am EST
Arrive at hotel Rest up for the big game Sheraton Charlotte Hotel
Sept 12th
12:00 pm EST
Check out Place all personal items in conference room Sheraton Charlotte Hotel
Sept 12th
12:00 pm EST
Free/get to game Stadium is less than a mile away. Feel free to walk or Uber
Sept 12th
1:00 pm EST
Game starts GO JETS! Bank of America Stadium
Sept 12th
4:00 pm EST
Game ends Bank of America Stadium
Sept 12th
5:30 pm EST
Bus leave hotel Get personal items from conference room (get to the bus early!) Sheraton Charlotte Hotel
Sept 12th
6:15 pm EST
Start boarding CLT Airport
Sept 12th
6:45 pm EST
Take-off 4:20 hour flight CLT Airport
Sept 12th
9:05 pm MST
Arrival SLC Airport


Weird weekend with the Wilson’s.

Everything about this seems just a little bit off. It’s not technically a money grab, because the trip would cost the same or less without Neeleman’s package, but there is no way he isn’t making money here.

There was a real opportunity for Neeleman to be the coolest guy in the Millionaire space and fly out 200 of his closest friends to Charlotte on his dime. He didn’t.

Instead, he provided very minimal, rather costly accommodations without even getting people into the game.

God bless the Wilson family. They are the gift that just keeps on giving.