Zion Williamson Gifted Himself A Custom Blinged-Out Thanos Chain For His 20th Birthday

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

What gifts did you receive for your 20th birthday? My college roommate gifted me a 24-pack of Natty Light (an $11.99 value!) and a stale supermarket cake. Never felt more loved. Thanks again, Tim!

Zion Williamson, who turned 20 on July 6th, spent his birthday with famed jeweler ZoFrost to retrieve a gift of slightly more value: a blinged-out Thanos gauntlet gripping a basketball.

This is just the latest masterpiece from ZoFrost, who earlier this year created a blinding $85,000 Mamba Mentality pendant for Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry, complete with 35 CTs of diamonds weighing 120 grams.

Let’s not forget about the Bruce Lee pendant ZoFrost created for Kyler Murray.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go shine my Casio.