WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry Remembers The Time Jealous Wrestlers Took A Dump In The Rock’s Dinner

Even at the highest levels of sports, every athlete experiences hazing at some point in his or her career. Even a guy as well-liked and respected as The Rock.

Well, even Dwayne Johnson was a rookie at one point, and not immune to locker room jokes.

On a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry shared one story of hazing that crosses way too many lines.

Henry recalled a few “jealous” members of the WWE roster defecating Dwayne Johnson’s food while he was in the ring.

Thankfully, Henry could smell what was in The Rock’s cooking.

“Me and The Rock, we always had our locker right next to each other. I came in and saw people laughing and giggling and running away from where our lockers were.

Dwayne would pack chicken breasts and broccoli and stuff to get in the car because he was a body guy.

I saw his box was open. I grabbed the box and was going to close it and I looked in it and there was sh*t in it.

Somebody sh*t in his food box!

So, of course, I have to dispose of this and tell him, ‘Hey man, don’t leave your food in here.’

They were envious of us new guys coming in.”

Pulling pranks is one thing but taking a dump in another man’s dinner is way, way over the line.

While Henry didn’t go on record by naming names, other former WWE stars have gone on record as stating that more than a few legends would torment and bully the young star constantly.

For example, Bret Hart was more than willing to name names.

“I remember Shawn Michaels coming into the dressing room and dressing down poor Dwayne,” Hart revealed.

“Shawn came in and just dressed him down and he chewed him out. And I believe, [Michaels] told [The Rock] to never do a top rope dropkick ever again because that was his move.

That’s what he was mad about. And then, he slammed the door and he walked out.

The Rock was [deflated] because in those days, Shawn had a lot of weight. He was a pretty important guy for the company, a veteran guy kind of dressing him down like that, he was apologizing and said he didn’t know, and he thought it would be okay.

Triple H was the same. He was always out to get The Rock.

Shawn was out to get him and they just worked on him, and worked on him, and worked on him. And I left.

[The Rock] was still in the doghouse with those guys. They wanted him [out] as bad as they wanted me out. Like, they were after him.

And, for me, maybe a year later, he started getting his break and he started to take off in WWE, and I’m so glad he overcame their petty bullsh*t.”

Now, would Triple H or Shawn Michaels stoop so low as to take a dump in a co-worker’s lunch?

I’m not pointing fingers, however, those two guys did hang out with another wrestler who did like to “leave his mark” in different places – most famously in Sable’s gym bag.

[via Busted Open Radio]


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