Luxury Sneaker Company GREATS Is Selling A BADASS Pair Of Sneakers Inspired By Bobby Axelrod On ‘BILLIONS’

Jeff Neumann/Showtime

SHOWTIME’s Billions is only in its third season, but Bobby Axelrod is already one of the most iconic television characters of a generation, akin to Tony Soprano, Tyrion Lannister, and Walter White. His tenacity and ruthlessness as a hedge fund shark is beloved by dudes around the world who fetishize the hustle of the finance world. The dude knows how to go for the jugular with swagger and bravado, all while having his eye on the prize. Because “What’s the point of having ‘Fuck You Money’ if you never say ‘Fuck you’?”

The man doesn’t put on airs when it comes to personal style. He already went through the grind of “dressing for success” before becoming a titan of finance with the name on the door of his own shop. Axelrod is comfortable in his own skin, masterfully embracing what it truly means to be business casual. He walks into a room wearing whatever the fuck he wants and just owns it, confident regardless of who’s in it. From Brooks Brothers quarter zips to Mega Death tees and premium denim, it’s a genuine head-to-toe embrace of laid back cocksuremanship, knowing that you’re captaining you’re own ship on an ocean of personal destiny.

Axelrod’s sneaker game, in particular, is worth noting. Think lots ofindescript, Puma suede skate shoes that pair with denim of any color.

Brooklyn-based luxury sneaker company GREATS just dropped the ultimate sneaker collaboration for Billions fans. In collaboration with the show, they’re releasing a limited edition run of black suede kicks emblazoned with hallmarks from Billions. In a press release:

Bobby Axelrod, the star of the SHOWTIME® hit series, Billions, is a man from humble beginnings. A desire to escape his means and prove his ambition drove years of hustling and grinding. Add no small amount of cunning, and eventually Axe made himself into one of the most powerful men on Wall Street: a bona fide billionaire.

We admire Axe for his ambition as much as we do for his style. Favoring a well-worn pair of jeans and Metallica t-shirt over the obvious power-suit, Axe carries himself with the confidence and understated elegance that we appreciate here at GREATS.

With Axe as our inspiration, we partnered with Showtime® to create our richest Royale yet.

They’re only releasing 100 pairs at 12:00 PM EDT via or at their retail location in SoHo, where the real Bobby Axelrods of the world shop. Price is $199.


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