Glittering Your Eyebrows Is The Latest Dumb Trend For Impressively Stupid People

Yesterday, it was assholes sporting glitter beards. Today, it’s chicksand dudes — bedazzling their eyebrows with glitter and shitty plastic gems to the point of looking like poorly manufactured dolls. You could affix binder clips, pen caps, and an assortment of candy to your eyebrows and still look better than the clusterfuck we have here.


Loved that #GlitterBrow and that good bathroom lighting at #NSAThursdays yesterday ❤️ A photo posted by Aquaria (@ageofaquaria) on Jan 9, 2015 at 10:53am PST




That’s a pretty nice mix of psychological disorders and people who hate their parents. This last one here is no doubt a huuuuge Lord of the Rings fan, an avid gamer, and single forever.

Serious question: What the fuck is wrong with everyone? Thanksgiving could not be coming at a better time. Everyone and every thing that’s become “a thing” needs a healthy break from itself.

[H/T Elite Daily]