Here’s NASCAR Driver Joey Logano’s Take On Cargo Shorts, Along With The Best Dressed Drivers In NASCAR

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You know how we feel about cargo shorts here at BroBible. We know that you, fellow readers, have opinions on the matter – and so do we!

Recently, however, I’ve been curious about what other people think about cargo shorts, since it’s a big hot button men’s fashion topic. Back at the beginning of April, I flew to Tri-Cities, Tennessee, for a rainy weekend of short track NASCAR racing gratis the folks at Autotrader sponsors Joey Logano, driver of the #22 Team Penske Ford in the Monster Energy Cup Series. That makes sense because is an online car-shopping destination that has the largest selection of vehicles to search from, so you can shop all the cars, get reviews, tips and photos – everything you need to find the right car for you.

Between hot laps around the Bristol salad bowl with Darrell Waltrip and a lot of red flags, I got to talk to Logano for a couple minutes about how an accomplished NASCAR driver feel about cargo shorts and men’s fashion in general.

You can listen to our full conversation my new podcast, SO STUPENDOUS, now available in the iTunes Podcast app. Here’s a little summary. If you’re a NASCAR guy, subscribe to SO STUPENDOUS for more forthcoming cargo shorts talk – I have conversations with Ryan Blaney and Austin Dillion forthcoming on the exact same topic.

What are your opinions on cargo shorts? 

My opinions are probably… like… 2000? Year 2000. 2006-7, I think they started to go away…

So you’re now anti-cargo shorts? 

Now, yes. At one point, I was. But now, not as much.

Who is the best dressed fashion icon in NASCAR currently? 

Good question. Yo, Blaney is up there. Blaney puts some effort into style and stuff. I think his sister shops for him.

So his aesthetic is curated… 

I think he just throws it on. But he definitely keeps up with the trends. I can’t really think of many others.

Who do you think are some of the best dressed race car drivers of all time?

To be honest with you, I haven’t even thought about it. Man, I don’t know! Best dressed… Jimmie Johnson. When you go to banquets and stuff, you can tell who has really nice tuxes and what not. His wife’s a model in New York…

I’m not sure any of us really have any style. It’s just how you get your clothes. Usually my wife and I just go to a store and say “Oh, that looks good!” and we get it. It’s pretty basic. We usually go to Banana Republic and just get in and out.

Starts around the 19 minute mark of SO STUPENDOUS, now available in the iTunes Podcast app. Other guests include Jay Leno and Marc Summers. You can also stream it in the player below.

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